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April Bullet Journal: Bees and Honeycombs

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It’s April and I’m done with winter. To celebrate the spring, I wanted a bright and colorful April bullet journal spread. What’s brighter than yellow? April’s bullet journal theme is bees, honeybees, and honeycombs. Here’s how I made this spread.


You don’t need exactly these materials. For instance, a pair of scissors could work fine. But these are the materials I had on hand and tend to use on the regular.

April Intro Page

April Bullet Journal Cover Page

I wanted to try something a little different than your typical cover or intro page. I saw a couple of people were actually cutting along the edges of the page to give it more interest. (You can see the effect more in the next section.) Doing this made the page look awesome, but really isn’t as hard as it looks.

This page took me about 30 minutes to complete. I used a stencil for the hexagons. Be sure to start with the Tombow colors first, before outlining your hexagons. If you outline first, you’ll smear the black pen, especially when using a yellow pen.

The hand lettering for April is fake. I’m actually bad at hand lettering and calligraphy. I will write a blog in the future about how to fake really nice calligraphy.

Be careful with the bees. These ones are a little too skinny. Bees tend to be rounder. These ones almost look like wasps.

April Monthly Spread

April monthly bullet journal spread. Honeycombs and bees as well as goal tracking and major events list.
April Monthly Spread – with goal tracking!

For my April bullet journal monthly spread, I wanted to keep track of goals this month. Starting a new blog and a few other personal projects means I need a way to set my priorities each month. You can really see the effect of cutting out the honeycombs in this picture too! This spread did take me longer: probably around an hour.

The box with the numbers is where I like to keep track of the uber-important dates. Sometimes things just get lost in the tiny squares of the calendar. That list gives me a quick and easy what to keep track of April’s main events. I’ve seen others use this area for other important dates like birthdays. But who am I kidding? I don’t have that many friends that I’d need to track birthdays for.

April Trackers

Since I usually have weekly trackers for things like water intake and violin practice, I tend to only have 2 or 3 monthly trackers. For April’s bullet journal, I only have two.

Project tracker for april bullet journal with honeycombs and bees
Project monthly tracker – April Bullet Journal

This first tracker is more of a project tracker. In this case, it’s actually for my blog. I like to list out important due dates, set the monthly goal for this project, and fill out any important tasks here.

Since I use my weekly spread mostly for work-related tasks, I need a place to track my personal projects. Without it, my personal project tasks get mixed in with work-related tasks and it just becomes a mess! This helps me meet goals on other projects too.

Bullet Journal Finance tracker for April bullet journal
Financial Bullet Journal Tracker for April

The other tracker is a financial tracker (excuse the wiggly line!) As with most graduates in this day, I’m a woman on a budget. I have a whole section at the beginning of my journal that outlines my monthly budget (stay tuned for a look at that later!), but this layout is for tracking what I spend throughout the monthly.

It makes a little more impact, I feel, if you write out each time you spend (or earn) money. I tend to use one side for my checking account and the other side for any credit card transactions. Both trackers together took an hour to an hour and a half. However, I was watching TV, so that’s just an estimate.

April Weekly Spread

April weekly spread with honeycombs and bees. Tombow pens and frixion pens.
April Bullet Journal Weekly Spread – More honeycombs; fewer bees.

I do wish I had a clearer area for my trackers, but overall have been liking this spread. For each day, under the gold bar, there are two boxes. This is where I write the weather. It’s also where I write in the amount of water I drank and the amount of time I spent practicing my violin.

Again, be careful with smearing the black pen, particularly on the small month section. Use the highlighter or your Tombow first, then follow with the micron.

Share your thoughts!

What would you do differently? What was your theme for April? Share your spreads with me! I’d love to see them and share them with others!

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