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The Benefits of Bullet Journaling

Why should you even start a bullet journal? What’s in it for you? Well aside from helping you stay organized, there are many benefits to bullet journaling. I’ve got 7 ways listed below!

What is Bullet Journaling?

Before we jump into benefits, what exactly IS bullet journaling? While it might sound like a diary of sorts, you don’t need to worry about writing your deepest, darkest secrets in it (unless you’re into that kind of thing). Bullet journaling (sometimes referred to Bujo for short) is an organizational method founded by this guy, Ryder Carroll who needed to find a way to stay focused and productive. And thus the bullet journal method was born.

Basically, here’s how it works: You choose what tasks, habits, events, whatever else to track all in a single place. Though many use it for daily tasks, and as a general planner, it’s also a great place to keep track of habits and goals. Bullet journaling is extremely customizable, no two bullet journals are exactly alike.

Now that you understand what it is, how does it benefit you? I’ve listed 7 ways:

1. It Keeps You Organized (duh)

This one is kind of a no brainer, but you might not realize just how organized you’ll be with a bullet journal versus that store-bought planner. Bullet journals provide a single place for you to write down everything that matters. What matters to you, might be different than what matters to someone else, making it much more personalized than a store-bought planner. Whether that’s daily to-dos or your mental state, consolidating everything into one place will make you more productive.

Because it’s all in one place, your bullet journal, you won’t lose your to-do lists between days. It’ll be right where you left it! This makes it a lot harder to forget tasks and gives you a chance to look back at your other trackers.

 2. It Gives You Peace of Mind

By writing all the important stuff down in your bullet journal, you’ll lose that sense of “am I forgetting something?” dread. Your bullet journal is the perfect place to keep track of everything from events, daily tasks, books you want to read, places you want to go, and so much more. I have a packing list for summer vacation that I use every year. This list has saved me from forgetting some important items.

Bullet journaling has also been known to help people who have anxiety. Bullet journaling gives you a place to unload all of the thoughts clogging up your brain so you that you can breathe a little easier. Plus if you’re feeling anxious, you have a place where it’s all written down. This article from Bustle goes into more details here.

3. It Increases Focus on the Important Things, like Self-Care and GratitudeHeart hood tracker and finacne tracker for february bullet journal

This one is not as obvious. Lots of people like to track habits in their bullet journal; it’s a common practice. Anything you track, whether that’s eating, water, exercise, sleep, mood, or meditation, are all forms of self-care. These healthy habits are steps towards taking care of yourself, something that we sometimes forget in our busy schedules.

Many people also create gratitude lists. The practice is to find at least one thing each day to be grateful for and write it down. Though it seems simple, little gestures like these can really elevate your mood.

4. It’s Completely Customizable

Since you’re starting with a blank notebook, you have the ability to tailor your bullet journal to fit your needs. For instance, I’ve been playing the violin for only a couple of years. To make sure I don’t skimp on practice, I have weekly trackers just devoted to violin to keep track of my practice time and progress. No two bullet journals are exactly the same, which is why I love to see others’ spreads! I share them here.

5. It’s a Creative Outlet

September bullet journal cover pagesIf you’ve checked out my inspiring spreads, or my Pinterest, you’ll see just how creative people can get. Give it a shot yourself. Practice a new style of lettering. Leave a space for a daily doodle. Try out new watercolor pens. Write a quick snippet of how your day has gone. Whatever it is, your bullet journal could be a  great opportunity for a little creativity.

6. It’s Great For Long-Term Goal Tracking

Writing everything down in your bullet journal means that you can very easily track your progress on those long-term goals. Whatever your goal, you want to make sure it’s a SMART goal: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.  I’ll go into more details about that in another blog.

7. It’s Easy To Set Up

All you need for a bullet journal is a pen and a blank notebook. That’s it! There’s no set rules or “right” ways to do it. If you need guidance on how to start, I’ll have a new guide up next week with a few tips and tricks to starting your bullet journal!

How has bullet journaling benefitted you?

I’ve listed 7 ways that bullet journaling could benefit you in this blog. For those of you who have already started yours, how has it benefitted you? Leave me a comment below, or on Facebook or Instagram!

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