May Star Wars Monthly Spread Bullet Journaling
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May the Force Be With You – May Star Wars Bullet Journal Spreads

I wanted to get a little nerdy in my bullet journal this year. With May the 4th, I figured what better time than to start here. Here’s how you can replicate this spread.

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May Monthly Spread

May Monthly Spread Star Wars

For this monthly spread, I found a cool illustration to base this month on. I wanted to be a little nerdy this month. I used Tombow pens to color and draw Yoda. For the text for May, I found a Star Wars font to base it on. You’ll quickly learn the pattern of the font as you go.

May Weekly Spread

This weekly spread really only took me 30 minutes. I wanted to continue having illustrations in the other spreads. I’m not the best May Weekly Spread Star Warsartist, I did sketch everything out in pencil before doing anything else. For this, you could possibly use your cell phone to trace an outline. I like the horizontal layout more because I feel that you can write out more details for each task.

Other Star Wars Illustrations

Here are a few of the other illustrations I had throughout the month of May:
Princess Leia Star Wars May Monthly Bullet Journaling

Death Star Star Wars May Bullet Jounral Weekly Spread

Share your thoughts!

What would you do differently? What was your theme for May? Share your spreads with me! I might feature them in my Inspiring Spread section.

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