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June Bullet Journal Spread: The Legend of Zelda

For June, I have continued my nerdy theme with a Legend of Zelda spread. Also, it’s June. Meaning 6 months have passed. Half of the year is gone. What have I been doing all this time?

But also, It’s JUNE. E freaking 3 has happened. And my spreads are Legend of Zelda themed. This was not exactly planned, other than the fact that I wanted my bullet journal to be nerdier this year. But did you see the Breath of the Wild 2 Announcement? I’m so pumped!

But I digress. I’m not the most artistic of them all, and I still have a long way to go in developing a cutesy chibi style. But I have proof that I’m trying and these definitely turned out better than I expected.

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TOTAL TIME: 4.5 hours (mostly cause I messed up the cover page)

The Legend of Zelda Cover image, for June bullet journaling spreadsLegend of Zelda Cover Page: Breath of the Wild ‘Z’ and Silent Princess Flowers

TIME: TOO LONG (like 3 hours?)

This one is lame, to be honest. It did not turn out like intended. Worse still it was a second attempt! Luckily my pages are perforated so it was easy to remove. If yours aren’t though there are plenty of ways to cover mistakes. I’ll cover that soon!

But I did learn stuff like, I need to study flower drawing. I’d love to see someone take this concept and do better with it though. So that’s why I’m sharing it anyway. I tried to do what I did for the April Spread and cut around the flowers, but it didn’t turn out as nicely as those honeycombs in April. The flowers don’t exactly look like Silent Princesses, either.

Does anyone have any pointers for drawing flowers? I’d be all ears. You can leave a comment below or reach out through social media. Either way, it’d be great.

June Legend of Zelda Bullet journal spreadLegend of Zelda Monthly Page: Link!

TIME: 30 minutes

This one turned out better, but I wasn’t sure what to do with the extra space on the left. I threw on some washi tape, but I think it would have been better if I incorporated some flowers. I’m a little happier with the drawing though!

I love to outline monthly goals and come back at the end of each month and review them. That’s the little box at the top left. The rest, the numbered lines, is saved for major events for the month. There weren’t many of them this month!

June bullet jouranl trackers image with Legend of Zelda themeLegend of Zelda Trackers: Link and Makar

TIME: 30 minutes

I deviated from the Breath of the Wild trend because Makar is so fitting for my violin trackers. There are so many different Legend of Zelda characters to choose from, why limit it to just BotW? The only major project I have going on right now is for the blog, so sneak peek there! I’m trying to write at least twice a month (harder than it sounds!) and continue posting regularly on Facebook and Instagram. Plus I want to create some free printables to give to subscribers.  So all these are in my project tracker.

Next month I might arrange these a little differently though, especially since I predict a lot of life changes plus I’ll be on vacation in July. There’s just so much to worry about!

I’ve also realized I mostly use my financial tracker to see how much I’m spending (cause let’s be honest here, I don’t make that much).

The Legend of Zelda June weekly spread for bullet journaling Weekly Spreads: Silent Princess and Navi

TIME: 30 minutes

Hey, Listen! Using this spread I’ve realized that I need larger boxes. But they still look good (at least while empty) but the script could be more consistent I suppose. Next month I may use similar trackers though. The look of my water tracker is nice, and I love the little notes too.

The Silent Princesses also don’t quite look like they should, but it was an attempt at least. I added some tall grass and some leaves to pull in another color (there was way too much blue!)

Yay or Nay?

How did you like this Legend of Zelda spread? What would you do differently? This is definitely not one of my better ones, but it was quick (aside from the mistake of a cover page) and it got the job done. I’d love to hear some of your tips or see your take on something like this. If you use this for inspiration, please share it with me!

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