About Me

The Blogger Behind the…Blog

Hi there! My name is Kylie, and I’ve been bullet journaling since 2017. My day job is a social media manager for multiple local businesses in my area (which is just outside of Pittsburgh, PA). I’ve been doing social media (professionally) for over 4 years. I have two tabby cats, Ashe and Flint, and a supportive and caring fiancee.

I am a huge gamer and just a general nerd. I’ve been playing video games since I can remember. I’ve recently started to play a lot of tabletop games including D&D (why did I wait so long?!), but my favorite way to relax has always been through the amazing storytelling that video games bring. In particular, I’m a huge Zelda fan. (You should see my office). I’m also into a lot of other nerdery (Marvel, Overwatch, Halo, Doctor Who, Critical Role… you get the point.) But enough about me, let’s talk about this blog.

My Mission (should you choose to accept it…)

I’ve gotten really tired of seeing all the super perfect spreads out there. I feel that it discourages those of us who aren’t too creative from doing it. And a blog is born. Now I KNOW what you’re going to say next. “Kylie, your bullet journal spreads are amazing, so that’s a load of B.S.” And here’s what I have to say: “I cheat.”

In my efforts to create beautiful spreads, I have learned to cheat and get a spread that looks awesome without being a calligraphy or craft expert (stencils and washi tape were my saviors in the beginning). This blog is my place to share with you all the tips and tricks for faking the “perfect bullet journal”.

I’m a firm believer that bullet journaling isn’t just for creatives. It’s for anyone who just wants to get a little more organized.

Please share your Bullet Journal with me!

I’d love the chance to showcase your amazing efforts in social posts and emails. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect! In fact, imperfection is what makes your spreads worth sharing. Send me your examples through instagram or facebook! Or visit the contact page!