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    Setting and Accomplishing SMART Goals

    Goals provide a sense of direction and focus, whether that’s in business or life. When setting goals, how you set them can make all the difference. A SMART goal is one method of setting goals that I have found to be very effective. This kind of goal will help you maintain focus and motivation to help you accomplish anything. Here’s how! What are SMART goals? Let’s first start with understanding what a smart goal is. SMART is an acronym meaning Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. In a nutshell, a SMART goal is all of the following: Specific: Clearly defined, and not ambiguous Measurable: Containing a set of criteria to…

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    Bujo Basics

    The Benefits of Bullet Journaling

    Why should you even start a bullet journal? What’s in it for you? Well aside from helping you stay organized, there are many benefits to bullet journaling. I’ve got 7 ways listed below! What is Bullet Journaling? Before we jump into benefits, what exactly IS bullet journaling? While it might sound like a diary of sorts, you don’t need to worry about writing your deepest, darkest secrets in it (unless you’re into that kind of thing). Bullet journaling (sometimes referred to Bujo for short) is an organizational method founded by this guy, Ryder Carroll who needed to find a way to stay focused and productive. And thus the bullet journal…