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    Setting and Accomplishing SMART Goals

    Goals provide a sense of direction and focus, whether that’s in business or life. When setting goals, how you set them can make all the difference. A SMART goal is one method of setting goals that I have found to be very effective. This kind of goal will help you maintain focus and motivation to help you accomplish anything. Here’s how! What are SMART goals? Let’s first start with understanding what a smart goal is. SMART is an acronym meaning Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. In a nutshell, a SMART goal is all of the following: Specific: Clearly defined, and not ambiguous Measurable: Containing a set of criteria to…

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    Time Blocking for Bullet Journalists

    Let’s be honest, some days it’s hard to maintain focus. To combat this, people have created a myriad of different productivity methods, like time blocking. Time blocking, in its simplest form, is the scheduling out of everything. Everything. This includes meal times, project times, personal time, and more. I tried out this method of time blocking in August. Below I’ll go over the basics, as well as share what worked (and didn’t work) for me. Time Blocking: The Basics What is Time Blocking? Time blocking is just scheduling your to-do list against your calendar. Essentially, you block off chunks of your day to which you devote to specific tasks. That’s…