The Ultimate Guide to Bullet Journaling

If you look up bullet journaling, you might find yourself on a page of endless results featuring beautifully hand-crafted spreads and designs. You might think that it’s impossible to ever meet those creative standards. I’m here to tell you, you’re wrong. It’s a lot easier than it looks. But in order to get to those perfect spreads, you’re going to need to start with the basics. I wanted this to be easy to understand for beginner’s, but there’s quite a bit of information out there. I’ve compiled a list of resources for you below to help you on your bullet journaling journey. Consider this the Ultimate Guide to Bullet Journaling, whether you’re just starting out or looking for some tips and tricks.

Beginners Start Here

Why should you even consider bullet journaling? What’s the point? And how do you even start? Let’s start with an explanation of bullet journaling. If you’re looking to skip straight to set-up, go here. If you want supply recommendations, check out this page. Otherwise, keep scrolling.

What is Bullet Journaling?

It’s not an ultimate guide to bullet journaling if we don’t address what the blazes a bullet journal is. The term bullet journal sounds like a diary, and while you could write your deepest, darkest secrets in it, that’s not the main purpose of a bullet journal. Bullet journaling (sometimes referred to Bujo for short) is an organizational method founded by this guy, Ryder Carroll who needed to find a way to stay focused and productive. And thus the bullet journal method was born, hallelujah.

Basically, here’s how it works: You choose what tasks, habits, events, whatever else to track all in a single place. Though many use it for daily tasks, and as a general planner, it’s also a great place to keep track of habits and goals, projects and collections, etc. Bullet journaling is extremely customizable, no two bullet journals are exactly alike. In fact, bullet journaling has sparked a lot of creativity which has shaped it and the community into what it is today.

More Resources to Aid Your Bullet Journal Quest:

  • The Benefits of Bullet Journaling:  Yes, it can keep you organized, but did you know bullet journaling can help with anxiety? In this blog, we reiterate what bullet journaling is, but also talk about the many different benefits of a bullet journal.
  • Bullet Journaling 101: How to Get Started: Okay, you’re convinced; you gotta try this for yourself. I go over the important pages and spreads to start with and why in this blog.
  • Rapid Logging: Basic Bullet Journaling Technique: When it comes down to it, a bullet journal would be just a glorified to-do list. That is if it wasn’t for the Rapid Logging Technique. Learn all about this technique here.
  • Bullet Journal Terms (coming soon)
  • Beginner Tips & Tricks (coming soon)

Step It Up: Take Your Bullet Journaling to the Next Level

Got the basics down? Great! Let’s get a little more creative. Here’s some how-to guides that will really make your bullet journal pop!

  • Calligraphy Basics (coming soon)
  • Washi Tape Uses (coming soon)
  • How to Cover Up a Mistake (coming soon)
  • Why You Need Sticker Paper (coming soon)
  • DIY Book Cover (coming soon)

Lots more coming soon so be sure to check back from time to time!